Continuing Education for Coaches

6 hour- An Introduction to DISC Assessments: Coaching Clients and Teams Using DISC Behavior Profiles ($129 - introDISC)

For BCC and GCDF credentials. If you have any questions, please contact us at This course addresses the BCC core competencies for coaches by focusing on the DISC assessment and approaches for individuals, teams, businesses and organizations and and the GCDF core competencies for career facilitators by focusing on assessment, helping skills, and career development approaches and techniques.

In order to demonstrate understanding and successfully pass the course exam to receive certification for 6 hours of continuing education, students should purchase and read the text "Building a High Performance Team with DISC Profiling: Tools for Rapid Growth Companies," by Craig Robinson, which is available for purchase in kindle or paperback format on Amazon. To view or purchase the required booklet, copy and paste this link in your internet search browser:

This training program should be completed within 30 days and introduces coaches to the DISC assessment tool for use with businesses, organizations, teams and individuals. It will familiarize coaches with the assessment, provide information on free online assessments tools and a sample report. Coaches will be able to help clients gain better understanding of their preferred behavioral attributes and those of others and help them improve interactions and communications with others.

*The course is structured to be completed in 30 days.
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  • Required Text: Building a High Performance Team with DISC Profiling
  • An Introduction to DISC Assessments
  • Video: DISC Asessment Overview
  • Video: Characteristics of High D Individuals
  • Video: Characteristics of High I Individuals
  • Video: Characteristics of High S Individuals
  • Video: Characteristics of High C Individuals
  • Free DISC Assessment Google Search = 86 million results!
  • A good free DISC option:
  • Example Client Report - free Tony Robbins DISC powered by Assessments 24x7
  • Discussion Forum: Using DISC assessment/information in your coaching practice.
  • EXAM: Intro to DISC Assessments
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever