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13 hour - A Deeper Study of Generational Differences in the Work Place (13 CE hours) ($195 - IDGenDiff)

For BCC and GCDF credentials. If you have any questions, please contact us at This course addresses the BCC core competencies for coaches by focusing on approaches for individuals, businesses and organizations and the GCDF core competencies for career facilitators by focusing on diverse populations, and career development approaches and techniques. Book: In order to demonstrate understanding and successfully pass the course exam to receive certification for 13 hours of continuing education, students should purchase and read the text Generation Everyone!: A Guide to Generational Harmony @ Work, School & Home, by Dillon Kalkhurst. To view or purchase Generation Everyone!:, on, click here.

This program is structured to be completed within 30 days and provides coaches with a more in depth knowledge and tools to help clients understand and manage generational differences in the workplace. After successful completion of this course, coaches will increase their ability to do the following:

• Identify the generations in the workplace and the experiences that shape them.
• Examine the stereotypes associated with each generation and understand underlying causes.
• Identify communication preferences and potential challenges when interacting with different generations.
• Demonstrate techniques that foster respectful communication with different generations.
• Implement strategies to unite employees of all ages.

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  • Text: Generation Everyone!: A Guide to Generational Harmony @Work, School & Home
  • Video - Understanding the Generations
  • Video - How to Manage 5 Generations of Workers | Brian Tracy
  • Understanding Generational Differences Training Material
  • Understanding Generational Differences Summary Slides
  • Video - Generation Z: Making a difference their way.
  • Video - Millennials: It's time to stop shaming them.
  • Video - Generation X: The Middle Child
  • Video - Baby Boomers: Will they ever retire? *WATCH ON YOUTUBE
  • Closing the Generation Divide in Project Mgmt (, Minding the Gap, 2012)
  • Discussion Forum - Improving Multi-Generational Work Relationships
  • TEST: A Deeper Study of Generational Differences
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever